Following are some examples of some of our ongoing or successfully completed projects. To ensure confidentiality, we are not disclosing any client data; however, we will gladly provide you with references during your consultation.

Case Study 1 – Development of a questionnaire to capture quality criteria in scientific publications

SUMDATA developed and implemented this on-line questionnaire for a project sponsored by the European Union. After the implementation, our team evaluated and revised the questionnaire and added the capability of adding individual and flexible computer enabled input during any project phase.

Case Study 2 - Development of an electronic method to generate data

The SUMDATA team is currently developing a standardized method to generate data electronically via a tablet pc. In addition to enhancing the usability and functionality of the software we are evaluating its validity and comparability to other data generating methods.

Case Study 3 – Evaluation of continued education for consultants

For more than a year the SUMDATA team supervised and evaluated a government training program for consultants. Through cross-sectional analysis of each module we were able to analyze and react to the input of participants. In a final longitudinal analysis we provided recommendations for the long-term optimization of the training program.

Case Study 4 - Planning and implementation of an evaluative methods workshop - Implementation and evaluation of a questionnaire to measure the quality of scientific courses

SUMDATA developed a workshop for employees without experience in the field of evaluation. The participants developed a questionnaire to measure their coworkers' knowledge about the distribution of financial resources. The findings resulted in concrete ideas on how to provide transparency in the distribution of financial resources. As a follow-up, they developed another questionnaire to determine the quality of events that were financed through these resources.

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